Sunday, July 30, 2017

The Joker in 4" Scale

Every Joker figure in the 1/18 scale is weird to me. The DC Multiverse Arkham was the closest and it was oddly proportioned and undersized to be on the shelf with Marvel Universe Figures. I used the Sprukits Joker head, DC Multiverse Torso and hips and GI Joe ROC Cobra Commander Legs and some Marauder Inc hands for more articulation.  The head is all I had to paint and he stands a good 4 inches tall.

Marvel Universe Venom

Another Early old custom that I recently finished. The legs are Marvel Universe Comic Sabertooth, th rest is the Spider-Man line Toxic Blast Venom. The tongue is removable and I added some green veins to it. Happy with how it came out.

CPL Hicks

I've been wanting a CPL Hicks cutstom figure for about ten years. I originally bought the McFarlane CPL Hicks without helmet to have JFAK (who no longer casts anymore as far as I know) to shrink and cast for me. I got that back then sat on it until someone, I forget who, made a Colonial Marines kit with a torso, motion tracker, light, weilder and rifle (maybe even more than that actually.) I got all those pieces then sat on everything for six or seven years because I am both kinda lazy and easily distracted.

Fast forward to the release of the Alien Anthology Blu Ray Box set followed by the Marauder
 Task Force figures. That really motivated me. So...I bought a green camo base fig, popped the torso and added some GI Joe 50th TRU Exclusie Dusty arms. I modded the armor a little to make it more like it was seen in Aliens. The base isn't exactly like the movies, but it definitely looks close. I painted some camo on the armer based on the McFarlane figure I still have. I'm pretty pleased with the result.

Some of these photos have been doctored to add effects. The Alien and facehugger are from the Hiya Toys line. They make 4" Marines too. The test tube thing is from that set that went on clearance at Toys R Us a few years ago. I got ten of them for less than ten dollars. I've only opened three. They are great for keeping the dust of my shelf.

This is in full light no effects.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016


Figure is made of a Captain America Movie Crossbones head and Avenger's Infinite Ares body. The gun is from some older Corps figures (I think.) Thanks for looking.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014


The head is casted from TofuJesse and the body is BBTS 7 pack Zanya. The knees and lower legs are 25th Viper. I went with the animal print tights because it is straight '80s.

Sunday, May 11, 2014


This was the first time I used magnets. the head/neck joint is a small metal ball and magnet combo to allow for a massive amount of neck movement. I also embedded small pieces of hair pins in the gauntlets to allow for magnetic rockets to attach. There is also a small metal piece in the briefcase to allow for storage.

I also used this silver Rub n' Buff finish for the head, gauntlets and then as a light coat over the body to give the suit a more futuristic feel. It's a liquid wax that can be painted on. I dry brushed it on in this case. It can be polished as well with a paper towel or soft cloth.

I like the cleaner look for Destro, without the higher collar and rockets permanently attached to his wrist. The Ret. Roadblock body really adds some size as well.

Head: Marvel Universe Colossus with the hair shaved down.
Lower Arms: 25th Destro
Hands, Torso, Upper Arms and legs: Ret. Battle Kata Roadblock
Bigger Pistol: Marauder's Gun Runners Robocop pistol (I think. It's Robocop's gun for sure.)